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The Aquarius-class was a type of frigate developed by Starfleet. It was designed as an auxiliary craft of the Odyssey-class and entered service in the early 25th century……

As development progressed on the new Odyssey-class starships, Starfleet Command saw the need for variants of the class in order to fill the various roles fulfilled by Starfleet vessels. As such, the aft section of the Odyssey variants were converted into berths for auxiliary craft.

The lead designer assigned to developing the new craft took inspiration from Sydney-class transports flown by his grandfather. Using the same basic frame, the new Aquarius-class was given a 25th century aesthetic and filled with the latest technologies.

Unlike the embarked craft of previous classes, such as the Waverider and Aero, the Aquarius-class was designed with the ability to act more independently of its parent vessel, much like the Danube-class and other runabouts.

The variable-geometry nacelles allowed for the vessel to minimize its profile for docking in the Odyssey berth while also providing the vessel with high-maneuverability and a high warp factor for a craft of its size.in which the Aquarius escort length is 97 meters… featuring four decks

Deck one – CO’s ready room, Bridge, Cargo bay 1

Deck Two- Sickbay, Armory, Holding cell, and Crew quarters

Deck Three – Transporter room, Airlocks 1 & 2, Engineering, Mess hall

Deck Four – Computer core, landing gear, Cargo bay 2

Given that you command an Odyssey class with its entire variant… and once assemble with all its basic abilities like with the Chevron and Aquarius escort abilities in providing the same sort off abilities such as the Galaxy class Dreadnought Carrier… In which is the fighter Shuttle operated akin to overall to the “Aquarius escort” combat force..

When looking at the Aquarius escort, it has four forward and two rear weapons consoles…. Akin to the Andorian Kumari class variants… Adding one more forward weapons console..  Basically it’s a smaller version of that…  Among those lines it’s basically a Tactical plus Engineering Tier Five ship…

In saying that from a point it’s looking at the weapons load out, thinking dual beam, two heavy dual cannons one torpedo… As the after its turrets…. It may vary due to the different character –person. Given it’s a fully frontal assault ship… Given that utilizing that with different various cannon fire abilities on you tactical stations of your given Bridge Crew and universal ones can give you alike massive tanking with a Gatling gun on their skillset abilities…  Given that in mind the turn rate is can provide you an advantage… Turning while combat while a cool down is progress can minimize the damage on the frontal shields helping in turn to charge up along the way… as it’s always given that the frontal shields decrease mostly during combat…

The next vessel up from this is either the Fleet Avenger Battle Cruiser, the Fleet Armitage – Heavy escort Carrier having to think about it in the shipyard visiting Lieutenant Laurel..

The fleet Aquarius escort variant. Tier six via Star Trek Online

Level 50: Factions-Federation

Forward four Weapons- two Aft Weapons

2 Device Slots

2 Engineering Consoles

3 Science Consoles

2 Tactical Consoles

Hull 24000

Shield Modifier 1

Base Crew 50

Base Turn Rate 17

Power Modifiers+15 Weapon Power
Bridge Officer Stations

Lieutenant Universal
• Ensign Universal
• Commander Tactical
• Lieutenant Commander Tactical
• Lieutenant Engineering

Gamephotography @KevinJamesNg 

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