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As of 23rd November 2020 Monday, The CNSA –China National Space Administration Belt and Road Initiative CLEP- China Luna Exploration Program.. Lunar Mission on the One Hundred Kilometer diameter Von Karman Crater    Chang’e 4 lander and the “Yutu 2” lunar rover the Chang’e-4 lander and the “Yutu-2” lunar rover have completed 24 Day -month scientific exploration on the back of the moon … in which Chang’e-4 completed the 24th day of the work, 嫦娥五号探月 is about to embark on a journey to the moon…… The Chang’e-4 lander and the “Yutu-2” lunar rover were at 12 o’clock and 3 on November 22, respectively finished the 24th day of the month at 10:10, and entered the moonlight sleep. As of today, Chang’e-4 has worked on the back of the moon for 690 Earth days, with a cumulative mileage of 589.6 meters.

Based on the 23rd month and day panoramic camera stitched images, DOM images and other data, the “Yutu 2” lunar rover continued to move towards the basalt direction and the high reflectivity impact crater area during the 24th day. Both locations are located northwest.
The infrared imaging spectrometer carried on the “Yutu-2” lunar rover obtained the spectroscopic and mineralogical characteristics of the lunar soil and lunar rocks on the inspection route, in order to reveal the material composition of the landing zone, especially the largest impact basin on the moon-Antarctica-Ai …..The deep lunar material composition contained in the Turken Basin provides important support. The scientific results were published in the international journal “Remote Sensing”.


On the far back of the moon, Chang’e 4 completed its 24th day of the moon and entered moon night dormancy; at the Hainan Wenchang Space Launch Field in the motherland, Chang’e 5 has stood on the launch tower, and a “new partner” will soon be ushered on the moon. . At present, various systems are undergoing various tests and other final preparations, and the mission has entered the launch implementation phase, and Chang’e 5 is about to embark on a journey to the moon. Different from the first and second phases of the lunar exploration project, the Chang’e-5 mission of the third phase of the lunar exploration project has a “two-way ticket”, which will realize my country’s first automatic sampling and return of extraterrestrial objects, and complete the lunar exploration project “around, fall, and return.” “Three-step strategic planning has laid a solid foundation for follow-up tasks.

嫦娥四号完成第24月昼工作,嫦娥五号探月任务 即将踏上奔月之旅】嫦娥四号着陆器和“玉兔二号”月球车分别于11月22日12时和3时10分完成第24月昼工作,进入月夜休眠。截至今天,嫦娥四号已在月球背面工作690个地球日,累积行驶里程589.6米。


“玉兔二号”月球车上搭载的红外成像光谱仪获取了巡视探测路线上的月壤和月岩的光谱学和矿物学特征,为揭示着陆区物质成分尤其是月球最大的撞击盆地-南极-艾特肯盆地所蕴含的月球深部物质组成提供了重要支撑。科学成果发表在《Remote Sensing》国际期刊。



Images and visuals are from Weibo CNSA –China National Space Administration –CLEP- China Luna Exploration Program..

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