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During this month of November 2020 HKIA- Hong Kong International Airport launches a new limited edition exclusively limitedHong Kong International Airport Edition Monopoly “towards the residents of China also the residents of Hong Kong SAR- China –People’s Republic of China.. the “Hong Kong International Airport Edition Monopoly” table game! This Hong Kong airport version of Monopoly is exclusively limited to Hong Kong. Players can walk around different airport landmarks through the board with a few clicks, build a passenger terminal and a passenger concourse, and have 6 game pieces including exquisitely designed luggage carts and airplane guides. , And the unexpected “opportunity” and “mileage” cards, which are of great collection value……

In which Let’s make the most of the time spent at home by playing our new special HKIA Edition of Monopoly Board Game with friends and family!

HKIA has launched the Hong Kong-exclusive edition of the board game, which allows players to buy, sell and build airport facilities and infrastructures at the roll of the dice.

There are six unique airport-inspired tokens such as baggage trolley and marshaller, and plenty of surprises hidden in the “Chance” and “Mileage” cards.

In which Purchase your board game from HKairportshop.com now and enjoy free local delivery.

Limited time offer: From now until 30 November 2020, HKairportshop.com members can enjoy 10% instant discount purchasing the Monopoly; with net spending upon HK$500, members will receive a HK$100 Airport e-Coupon* for your next purchase.

*Each member can only get one Airport e-Coupon. Airport e-Coupon will be distributed in December 2020, and can be used upon spending HK$300 (net) in next purchase. Terms & conditions apply.



快啲上HKairportshop.com機場網上商店 購買,做個機場大富翁啦!而家買仲包本地免費送貨㖭!

限時優惠:由即日起至2020年11月30日,機場網上商店會員購買香港國際機場版大富翁可享9折即時優惠;單筆消費滿港幣$500( 淨額 )更可獲港幣$100機場電子現金券*,留番下次購物使用!

*每位會員只限領取機場電子現金券一次。電子現金券將於2020年12月內派發,並於下次購物滿港幣$300 ( 淨額 ) 方可使用。受條款及細則約束。

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