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香港 #AlreadyTomorowInHongKong – Adventuring without a blue box-TARDIS | THE OCTOPUS CARD…….One very important card..!

During this year of the third quarter of  the year 2020 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, in Hong Kong in which there’s a more effectively payment system that’s been introduce for public health and safety in which reducing the needing of using physical cash to pay for taxi fares in light of the Covid-19 situation .. In which the trend now is using contactless payments system of E-Wallets.. One Aspect of E-Wallet the is International Icon Hong Kong’s Octopus Card in which you can download the app from iTunes android  in which is used through payment systems in everyday life in Hong Kong also its public transport systems knowing…… Now introduced into the taxi payment system with Octopus Card or Octopus O! ePay…….!

Now you can pay taxi fares with Octopus in designated taxis. Once taxi drivers become Business O! ePay merchants, they can install the Octopus App for Business on their mobile phones, turning them into Octopus Readers. When you hail a taxi on the street or order a taxi with local taxi-hailing apps such as eTaxi, Fly Taxi and WETAXI, you can simply place your Octopus card* on the back of the taxi drivers NFC-enabled mobile phone to pay the fare. Alternatively, scan a driver’s QR code to pay through your Octopus O! ePay, to enjoy the quick and simple Octopus payment experience…..

The commercial version of the Octopus App allows customers to take an Octopus card or scan an Octopus QR Code for payment, providing merchants and taxi drivers with a simple, convenient and reliable payment collection solution………


Images and visuals are from Hong Kong Taxis, Octopus Hong Kong also Photographer @KevinJamesNg

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