#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong | #MTRHongKong #香港 #港鐵 #October2020 | #GoGreen #LivingWithTrees _Preserve our natural environment by choosing #LowCarbontransport ….

MTR Hong Kong Corporation the world leading leaders in public transport providers has enhanced New Boarding Arrangements for East Rail Line……. Change for the future! To prepare for the train service extension to Hong Kong Island in 2022, new 9-car trains will be introduced gradually on the East Rail Line from 12 September this year. They will initially serve alongside the existing 12-car trains. So, queuing locations will be different. Passengers just need to follow the coloured signs and public announcements in stations to get on the trains easily!

Going Green.. Nature in the city landscape is very diverse… Living with Trees.. In that Hong Kong Landscape over seventy percent is tropical forest in which only thirty percent is urbanisation… Nature in the city landscape is very diverse, More than 20 giant Banyan trees in which gives that international iconism of the urban look of Hong Kong in which ancient meets present… that makes up the beautiful stone walls trees next to Kennedy Town Station,  in which station exits are relocated to the preservations- conservation of centuries old wall trees..

During the Go Green living with trees there are over thirty thousand trees around the railway lines with monitoring of the over Thirty Thousand Trees with Electronic Tree identity card …..The Next generation MTR Stations are becoming Green Stations.. Installation with green rooftop facilitates continuous growth of plants, with while the semi-open design of the station with enabling natural lighting and ventilation makes the passengers in connection feel like being in the nature as Hin Ken Station is one of those Green Stations….  

Preserve our natural environment by choosing low carbon transport, is a low carbon journey, in Energy consumption of railway only takes up of transportation sector of to reduce carbon footprint of three point five percent… also slow down global warming protecting the environment by going green in our daily lives ..

城市.綠活 保護一草一木,選擇低碳旅程,開展綠色生活就係咁簡單!我們將綠化環境融入鐵路、保育樹木及鼓勵減少碳排放,為環保出一分力。依家就由日常開始,一起共同減低碳足印!


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