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On a 4th October 2020, During the eight day Holiday in China- People’s Republic of China, in which celebrating China’s National Day also on the Same Day is the Mid-Autumn festival in which is a massive celebration throughout the Asian communities.. In which watching TVB early Moring News this morning having breakfast noticing in the footage appears to be seen…..

During the national holiday season a fragment of a fairing suspected to be a Long March rocket was found in Pak La Bay, Sai Kung, and Hong Kong SAR-China-PROC…  The police sent police officers to the scene early in the morning to surround the fragments and wait for relevant departments to send personnel to the scene for inspection. The fragments are printed with the Chinese characters “heading” and the serial number “8Y325A-5B S02-01”, and the broken blue English acronym “CMS” in the center part, which is China Manned Space. There is a blue Chinese manned space logo. After the fairing fragments were exposed,

In which the CSNA-China National Space Administration Long March Chang Zheng 5B Carrier Rocket was During the launch of the CNSA –China National Space Administration Iconic Long  March 5B -ChangZheng 5B Heavy Medium Carrier Rocket that Launched on 5th May 2020 at Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Center – Hainan Province -China -People’s Republic of China… in which during that time it was to test flight a new testing Command Module in which that  replacing the Shenzhou Command Module in which inspired the name for the Walker Class in Star Trek Discovery in which was featured in the Battle of the Binary Stars the Precursor of the Klingon war.. …. perform its first flight mission at the Wenchang space launch site in China at 18:00 Hong Kong -Beijing Time…

During deployment of the new Command Module, the Next Generation of the Module in which it returned safety with all the expectations landing at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center that following days  afternoon, and then the return module will be transported to Beijing to carry out subsequent relevant verification work to see if any other modifications that’s need to be ready for a manned flight towards the CNSA –CSS- China Space Station ……

Images and visuals are from weibo

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