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On 11th September 2020  Friday this early morning in one of China- People’s Republic of China’s more than three thousand year old Ultra Mega innovative Industrial Megalopolis City.. In which today this morning transporting towards the Tianjin Port is from CASC- China Aerospace of Sciences Technology Corporation  Carrier rocket Factory city is the parts of the Long March Five – Chang Zheng Five Yao five variant series … of the CNSA- China National Space Administration Belt and Road Lunar mission on the Southern pole of the Earth’s Moon…

The Parts of the CNSA Long March 5 Chang Zheng 5 Yao 5 Carrier Rocket was transported towards the Tianjin Port in which it was hoisted on the CNSA’s Carrier Rocket transport ship the Yuanawang …. In which it’ll makes it way traveling towards Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Center in Hainan Province – China-PROC .. In following  which will be assembled to ready to launch the Belt and Road Initiative Lunar Change5 return sample planned landing zone is Mons Rumker in Oceanus Procellarum, located in the northwest region of the near side of the Moon…… The location is a large, elevated volcanic mound 70 km in diameter that features a strong spectroscopic signature of basaltic lunar mare material.

The mission is reported to consist of four modules or elements: the lander would collect about 2 kg of samples from 2 metres below the surface and place them in an attached ascent vehicle that will be launched into lunar orbit. The ascent vehicle will make an automatic rendezvous and docking with an orbiter that would transfer the samples into a sample-return capsule for their delivery to Earth…. Change5 lunar lander equipment payload composite off…. The lander will carry landing cameras, a panoramic camera, a spectrometer to determine mineral composition, a soil gas analytical instrument, a soil composition analytical instrument, a sampling sectional thermo-detector, and a ground-penetrating radar…….. For acquiring samples, it will be equipped with a robotic arm, a rotary-percussive drill, a scoop for sampling, and separation tubes to isolate individual samples……

 Images and visuals are from Weibo..

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