#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong | #MTRHongKong #香港#港鐵 August2020 | #New Boarding Arrangements for #EastRailLine providing more Train extension for #HongKongIsland with Brand very smart New Car Trains.… #AreYouReady ….?


MTR Hong Kong Corporation the world leading leaders in public transport providers has enhanced New Boarding Arrangements for East Rail Line……. Change for the future! To prepare for the train service extension to Hong Kong Island in 2022, new 9-car trains will be introduced gradually on the East Rail Line from 12 September this year. They will initially serve alongside the existing 12-car trains. So, queuing locations will be different. Passengers just need to follow the coloured signs and public announcements in stations to get on the trains easily!

Soon the extension of the East Rail line Across the Harbour toe Hong Kong Island will be put into service.. In which travel will be a lot quicker.. Right.. ? ………. That’s Right, When Travelling to Hong Kong Island, Apart from the Usual 12-Car Trains. (Eastern Rail Line – Lok Man Chau, Lo Wu, Tai Wai, Hung Hom… Then towards the Victoria Harbour from Hung Hom towards the Island Line-  by passing Wan Chai towards the Exhibition Center  Admiralty, Central – Sheung Wan.. ) ….. Trains on East Rail Line will be Gradually be Converted to Nine Car Trains.. in which the conversion will complete in various stages over the eighteenth months from September 2020….. So Queuing Locations will be different..

Are you ready.. ?……. There will be blue and green signs on platforms on the passenger information displays and instructions and announcements from our staff on the platform signage to facilitate queuing arrangements… Then you can easily board the trains with a twelve car train also with a Nine Car Train…… The New Nine Car Train features with very spacious and bright lighted interiors with a new Dynamic route map showing live locations of the Train in which you’ll never miss getting of the train where you want…During this Period There will be two types of trains running on the East Rail Line the Nine New Car Train also the twelve Car Train.. Passengers may Need Some Time to get used to this ……

Another SCL milestone – “New members” joining the East Rail Line…!
To facilitate the East Rail Line (EAL) extension across the harbour under the Shatin to Central Link (SCL) project, the new EAL signalling system will commence operation starting from 12 September (Saturday). It is not easy at all to replace the signalling system on an operating railway line as most of the works had to be completed within the short period of non-traffic hours. With the efforts of the teams who spent over 400 nights racing against time, the new system will soon be put into service.

Other members to greet you on the same date are the new 9-car EAL trains manufactured in South Korea! They will gradually replace the existing 12-car trains over the coming 18 months. Rest assured that we will strive to maintain smooth train services during the mixed-fleet operation. Measures will also be in place at stations to assist passengers for comfortable journeys.

【東鐵綫候車新安排】轉變,係為咗迎接未來! 喺2022年,東鐵綫將會延伸至港島;今年,東鐵綫亦會做好準備,由9月12 日開始,除咗平日嘅12卡列車外,新9卡列車亦會陸續登場,所以月台排隊位置會唔同咗。大家只要留意返車站嘅顏色標誌同廣播,就可以輕鬆上車!

【沙中綫又一新里程 –「新隊員」加盟東鐵綫!】
為咗配合沙中綫項目將東鐵綫延伸過海,東鐵綫新信號系統喺9月12日(星期六)開始運作,而我哋嘅「新隊員」— 全新韓國製東鐵綫列車亦會陸續同大家見面!

喺營運中嘅鐵路綫更換新信號系統絕不容易,大部分工序都要喺短短非行車時間內完成。經過工程同車務團隊400幾個夜晚分秒必爭嘅奮鬥,新系統將會喺9月12 日正式啟用!


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