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On 15 July 2020 Wednesday, LandSpace – Onwards LandSpace 蓝箭航天 …… One of sixty Chinese private space Carrier Rocket Companies in China-People’s Republic of China..   On perform a major breakthrough on 15 July 2020, the Blue Arrow Aerospace Suzaku 2 rocket engine Suzaku No. 2 completed the verification of the matching of the control system and the second-level rocket engine. The “Tianque” 10-ton liquid oxygen methane engine (TQ-11) completed the single hot test of 3,000 seconds, reaching the highest record of the single test drive time of China’s pump-type cryogenic liquid rocket engine… as the Clip shows of briefly of that three thousand seconds testing..

LandSpace 蓝箭航天  – … located in Beijing (Zhonghang International Plaza, No. 13 Ronghua South Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing as their main head office in  Land Space’s headquarter, Beijing R&D Center is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in E-town…  in which they also have numerous branches in Xian Research and Development Center.. also Located Huzhou Intelligent Manufacturing center in providing testing as assemblies of the components together … …..At Blue Arrow Space plan, the company expects 2022 annual output of 200 liquid rocket engine, 15 20 liquid rockets. After the project is completed, the annual output value is expected to be about 3 billion yuan, providing standardized launch service solutions for the global market…..

In which the various stages of verification of the three thousand second Suzaku two control systems complete among with a previous testing verification on 14th July 2020 in developing to full production of country’s first methane liquid oxygen Carrier Rocket Engine.. Suzaku Two completed Verification of the matching between the control system and the second-level aircraft engine. Its two-stage cruiser “Tianque” 10-ton liquid oxygen methane engine (TQ-11) completed a single hot test of up to 3000 seconds, reaching the highest record of the single test drive time of China’s pump-type cryogenic liquid rocket engine The technical specifications of the engine meet the overall requirements of the rocket and reach the domestic advanced level……

This testing verification round of test run was the first to evaluate the working state of super cooled propellant filling and test run. The success of the test run marked that the TQ-11 engine became the first liquid oxygen methane engine in China to complete the test of propellant super cooled test drive, which also means the blue arrow Aerospace has become the only domestic private aerospace enterprise that has mastered the super cooling technology of propellant and has the ability to test the engine under cooling. Many engine indexes have reached the domestic advanced level….


Images and visuals are from Weibo – LandSpace 蓝箭航天  –

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