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Kobayashi Maru Freighter is one of the most Star Trek’s  iconic ships that’s almost legendary than the USS Enterprise of the Constitution class Era in which it’s the most known ship in Starfleet’s history in which is partaking of simulation testing of Starfleet Cadets to force the cadet into a No Win Situation in which how she or he reacts into an objective to observed of outfight or out planned the opponent …..

One of the notable scenes is depicted in Star Trek two- the Wrath of Khan, where cadets are in simulation of a replica StarShip Bridge…  With the test-taker as captain and other Starfleet members, officers or other cadets, in other key positions. In the scenario of the 2280s, the cadet receives a distress signal stating that the civilian freighter Kobayashi Maru has struck a gravitic mine in the Klingon Neutral Zone and is rapidly losing power, hull integrity and life support. Sensor readings are indeterminate and there is no way to verify the distress signal. There are no other vessels nearby. The cadet must quickly make a decision:

Attempt to rescue the Kobayashi Maru’s crew and passengers, which involves violating the Neutral Zone and thereby provoking the Klingons into hostile action or possibly an all-out war; or

Abandon the Kobayashi Maru, preventing war with the Klingons but leaving the crew and passengers of the freighter to probable death.


If the cadet chooses to rescue the Kobayashi Maru’s crew and passengers, the scenario progresses quickly. The bridge officers notify the cadet that they are in violation of the treaty between the Federation and the Klingons, giving the cadet a chance to turn back before finally committing to this dangerous action. As the StarShip enters the Neutral Zone, the communications officer loses contact with the crippled vessel. Klingon warships then quickly appear on an intercept course. Attempts to contact them are met with radio silence; indeed, their only response is to open fire with devastating results. No defense is sufficient against the Klingons and the cadet’s ship is eventually defeated and destroyed if the scenario plays out fully…. In some case.. are the possible consequences of rejecting the rescue appeal. These are discussed at length in novels and video games and include mutiny of the crew over being asked to abandon civilians to death; violations of Starfleet policy regarding rendering of aid to distressed vessels; Klingon incursion into Federation territory responding to “provocation” by the Kobayashi Maru; or the weight on the cadet’s conscience caused by refusing to render aid.

Kobayashi Maru Freighter is roughly about the same dimensions of the light cruiser – Miranda class least 277.76 meters long under length of the 310 meters Constitution retrofit Class Starship in which the This Freighter has access to a secure subspace channel to call in a Security Transport ship. The Security Transport will allow you to access Prisoner Transfer and Contraband Assignments. The Security Transport is not a combat support vessel, and can only be called when in Sector Space. It is accessible to you and your allies.

Finally, it also comes with a Transwarp Drive that will allow you to access the furthest corners of the quadrant. The Transwarp Drive will allow you to instantly access locations that cannot otherwise be easily transwarped towards like the Excelsior class basically a Transwarp jump ship..

KobayashiMaru Freighter …. The Freighters itself with this class are not designed as combat vessels.  They come with minimal armaments designed only to ward off pirates and other would-be threats… in which that said it’s as three forward weapons and two after in which it has minimum defense in which a basic beam arrays torpedo launcher combination is needed.. Among with a fleet engine to weapons warp core to enable a steady energy transfer to weapons in which to increase you recharge- decrease timing cool down rate in which your best advantage it’s a science and engineering ship.. 1 Tactical Console, 2 Science Consoles, 3 Engineering Consoles…in which your other advantage is utilised  your bridge stations in which KobayashiMaru Freighter base turn rate is fifteen in which your rotation will gives your advantage..

Tier four KobayashiMaru Freighter  specifications

Faction: Federation – Required Rank: Complete the Tutorial

Hull Modifier: 1.0- Shield Modifier: .9

Weapons Fore Weapons: 3- Aft Weapons: 2- Device Slots: 3

Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Universal, 1 Lieutenant Commander Universal, 1 Ensign Universal

 Console Modifications: 1 Tactical Console, 2 Science Consoles, 3 Engineering Consoles

Base Turn Rate: 15

Impulse Modifier: .16

 Inertia: 40

+5 Shield Power, +15 Engine Power

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