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Today on a Saturday on 0413 morning Beijing Time…. on the 30th May 2020 launching from Xichang Satellite Launch Center one of Many Launch complexes of CNSA –China National Space Administration launching from South western area from Sichuan Province, China –People’s Republic of China, in which marking it as the 332nd flight of the Long March –Chang Zheng Carrier Rocket series…..

Two Satellites, experimental name G and H are designed as Earth Observational Technology Experimentally Satellites … in which the Two Earth Satellites launched by the Long March –Chang Zheng 11 Carrier Rocket from a multi-purpose mobile launch platform… in which it is the first time it launched from Xichang Satellite launch center ….

The new technology test satellites were developed by the Shanghai Institute of Microsatellite Innovation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the National University of Defence Technology… Hunan province’s Changsha and are tasked with conducting inter-satellite data link and Earth observation tests, the company said, adding that Advance solid fuel Carrier Long March 11 will undertake several flights on land-based launch centers and its sea-launch platform….. Designed and built by the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, the Long March 11 is the first and only solid-fuel rocket in the Long March family, the pillar of the country’s agile mobile portable space programs…..

images and visuals are from Weibo 

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