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During this year of 2020  of the tenth anniversary of Star Trek Online in which during that month there’s been many surprises of updates one is the new hulling plating customization of the Galaxy Class Starship in which introduces more of the updates from the tenth Anniversary out from the legendary bundles in Star trek Online Legacy .. in which comes with the standard hulling textures that’s given throughout each series in which various new hulling outfitting’s that’s been displayed throughout each star trek series..


Defiant, Galaxy, Kelvin Timeline constitution, Odyssey, NX, Sovereign, Crossfield, Intrepid, 2256 also 2265 Constitution class hulling’s in which those brand new ships during… in which the tenth anniversary concludes with the Star trek Picard in which during the Legacy it invites Seven of Nine – Jeri Ryan in which she reprises the character storyline more from the last storyline after the voyages of USS Voyager her character’s name pre- Assimilated Borg is Annika Hansen..

In which there’s one is the NX Columbia Class a Tier six Light Escort Class, in which is built the on frame work size of the classic iconic NX series of the NX Phase two variant in which leads towards the introduction of the Legendary Temporal Operative Escort in which is new hulling inspired by the same hulling of the 2280’s of the time of the Star Trek VI – the Undiscovered Country …..  In which has more inbetween Constitution class Retrofit with look of the Excelsior Class also its retrofit ….

Featuring a +15 Weapons Power, +5 Auxiliary Power, in which can provide a massive fire power in which a recommendation towards a fleet Engines toward Weapons warp core in with the five tactical console in which provides weapons battery also increasing the cool down recharge rate in which gives you more maximum weapons power..  the Ship is very Agile in which gives you time to use beam arrays in combination with torpedo launchers or with a very moderate attack velocity for keeping your distance in using a combination of dual cannons – torpedo launchers with a rear weapons consoles of turrets.. !…..

Looking at the Bridge officer station of the ship, it’s basically a Tactical and Science vessel that should provide you an advantage of combing your skillsets with what you bring into the in with your bridge crew among with the ship tactical-Science –Engineering abilities…

Featuring five forward weapons, an experimental weapon slot and the Molecular Reconstruction Array combine with the Grappler and Point Defense Bombardment Warhead Consoles to create an escort that can face the dangers of the final frontier with confidence….. That confidence is inspired by modifications made to the NX-01 Enterprise by Chief Engineer Charles Tucker III; the Legendary Temporal Operative Escort is equipped to face challenges beyond space and time

Legendary Temporal Operative Escort Stats- Tier Six- NX Columbia Class a Tier six Light Escort Class… Specifications are from Star Trek Online.. 

Hull Modifier: 1.2

Shield Modifier: 1.075

Fore Weapons: 5 – Aft Weapons: 2

Experimental Weapon Slot – Device Slots: 3-

Bridge Officer Stations:Lieutenant Commander Tactical,
Commander Tactical/Temporal Operative,Lieutenant Engineering,
Lieutenant Commander Science/Temporal Operative, Ensign Universal

Consoles: 5 Tactical, 2 Engineering, 4 Science

Base Turn Rate: 14

Impulse Modifier: .2

+15 Weapons Power, +5 Auxiliary Power

Can equip dual cannons

Console – Universal – Grappler

Console – Universal – Point Defense Bombardment Warhead…

Molecular Reconstruction

Starship Mastery Package (Escort)

Precise Weapon Systems (+Accuracy)

Tactical Maneuvering (+Defense)

Enhanced Weapon Systems (+All Damage)

Devastating Weaponry (+Crit Chance)

Preferential Targeting (Starship Trait)

NEW:Field-Modified Overload Support(Account-Unlocked Starship Trait)
Activating Hull Heals recharges Beam Overload and Emergency Power to Weapons.
This does not bypass their minimum cooldowns.

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