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On 24th March 2020 Tuesday, CNSA –China National Space Administration had launched one of its international iconic Long March 2C- Chang Zheng 2C Carrier Rocket  in which launching from one of many CNSA China-People’s Republic of China launch complexes.. In which launching from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province in South West China…. Launching on a spring time morning 1143 Beijing time……

Successfully sent a group of new remote sensing satellites into orbit is the Belonging to the Yaogan-30 family, this group of satellites the remote sensing 30th 06 group of satellites have entered the planned orbits and will be used for electromagnetic environment detection and related technological tests….


The provisionments of the 遥感式; Yaogan satellites in which are design as remote sensing  earth sciences satellites in which have multiple installation equipment onboard, with scientific experiments, land surveying, agriculture , disaster monitoring ..  developed also manufactured by the SAST- Shanghai Academy of Space Flight Technology in collaboration with the CAST- China Academy of Space Technology …..


Images and Visuals are from Weibo.

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