#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong | #MTRHongKong #香港 |#COVID19 #CoronaVirus Precautionary procedures of disinfecting Train Compartments also in Stations protecting you and your companions fighting the virus travelling at ease…..

MTR Hong Kong Corporation the world leading leaders in public transport providers  has enhanced preventive measures regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in order to safeguard passengers’ health.

 When trains return to depots every night, train compartments will be thoroughly cleaned, including handrails, seats, glass panels and every single part and corner. Filters of air-conditioners are now washed and replaced more frequently. Besides, when trains arrive at the last stop, we will seize the time to clean the train compartments with 1:99 bleach water solution.

Regarding to the latest development of the COVID-19 recently.. Keeping our train compartments clean is very crucial.. Disinfection.. Once a train arrives at the last stop the crew seize the time needed to clean the compartments with a bleach water solution, when the trains return to the depot every night, every single part and every single corner in the compartment is thoroughly cleaned…

Apart from the accessible parts which passengers frequently come into contact with which passenger frequently come into contact with The filters of air conditioners on trains.. in which they’re repeative cleaned and replaced frequently thoroughly cleaned with diluted bleached water solution in which is done robotically cleaned … most importantly always wearing mask on the train to protect yourself and your companions fighting the virus travelling at ease..

Precautionary in stations a series of preventive measures have been implemented in the railway stations when Disinfection, the station facilities with high public accessibilities such as handrails, lifts buttons and ticketing issuers machines are cleaned and disinfected by using 1:99 bleach water solution every two hours.. When it comes to station ventilation the frequency of fresh air intake at all stations is also enhanced for better ventilation … Disinfection points are installed in all stations to provide hand sanitizers to passengers … passengers can also allow to wash their hands in toilets at specific stations … All preventive measures are to safeguard passenger’s health passengers can rest assure that they’ll be safe when taking their journey

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