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One method of transportation of  now fully utilisation EHang implemented practical Urban Air Mobility (UAM) applications of its passenger-grade Autonomous Aerial Vehicles “EHang 216” for medical emergency transport uses to combat the coronavirus outbreak in Hezhou, China- People’s Republic of China..  in which Initially, we came to Hezhou to explore possible applications of our AVVs in tourism, However, given a sudden outbreak of coronavirus nowadays as Edward Xu –EHang CSO explains we realised our AAVs can be used in some medical cases.. 

In which case is demonstrated to the of sending medical supplies for immediate delivery to the People’s Hospital,  in which No Problem as it flies directly towards the destination without the incursions of ground traffic..  in which this delivery method active right now furthers the exploration various ways of applying our AAVs.. in utilisation of helping out Guangxi Province to combat the new Coronavirus .. in with the AAVs can transport medical Supplies and staff for emergencies Besides, they also can be used for broadcasting virus preventions messages..

In which the two seat AAVs EHang 216 successfully delivery of medical supplies to the People’s Hospital with accuracy in between four Kilometers apart of landing a on twenty five storey building Hospital rooftop …. The EHang 216 AAV automatically returned after the delivery. The 8-kilometer round-trip flight operation was unmanned which is critical in current epidemic situation. This has opened up a new opportunity for EHang’s AAVs in immediate UAM applications such as medical emergency transport, which currently largely relies on ambulance cars or helicopters.

“As its first test case first passenger for a real live situation for the emergency test in Hezhou, the whole Journey proved to be safe, fast and smooth, I never Imagine to go across the city so fast from one side to the other side in a short time more important, I was free to enjoy the flight by taking drinks and watching views without worrying about driving.. as everything was automatic controlled A successful flight as such demonstrated EHang’s capabilities in delivery safe and high quality AAVs to meet mission-criteria demands in real life.. Definite, this has reinforce our confidence in future applications of UAM services in a broader fields ….More importantly, designed as a passenger-grade AAV, EHang 216 can not only transport medical supplies, but also transport personnel in emergency situations. Edward Xu, EHang’s Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), took a 4-kilometer autonomous flight from the city center and landed safely on the rooftop of the hospital (picture below) in one of the series of urban passenger-carrying flights to test run this use case in Hezhou, including the flights at nights, with the range covering the whole city (over 15 kilometers) and at a cruising speed as high as 90 kilometers per hour.

Images and visuals are from EHang

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