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During this month of February 2020 of the tenth anniversary of Star Trek Online in which during that month there’s been many surprises of updates one is the new hulling plating customization of the Galaxy Class Starship in which introduces more of the updates from the tenth Anniversary out from the legendary bundles in Star trek Online Legacy .. in which comes with the standard hulling textures that’s given throughout each series in which various new hulling outfitting’s that’s been displayed throughout each star trek series..

Defiant, Galaxy, Kelvin Timeline constitution, Odyssey, NX, Sovereign, Crossfield, Intrepid, 2256 also 2265 Constitution class hulling’s in which those brand new ships during… in which the tenth anniversary concludes with the Star trek Picard in which during the Legacy it invites Seven of Nine – Jeri Ryan in which she reprises the character storyline more from the last storyline after the voyages of USS Voyager her character’s name pre- Assimilated Borg is Annika Hansen..

The Galaxy Class hulling takes on from the Star trek Next Generation series also with much greater details with the Star Trek Generations movie  with the original colours with the original Aztec iconic paneling in which as a slight of goose grey with mustard greys hues that makes up the in between the television and movie studio models.. In which the detailing is remarkable to the detailing of the Phaser arrays, towards the escape pods..

In which the buzzard collectors have now got that slight reddish look rather than the hydrogen orange in which was typically traditionally introduced as in which the Traditional Galaxy Class is reddish.. In which it’s interesting to see what other Hulling plating detailing in which will be following in other blog on the what the differences looks in following up Game photography  post..

OOTD- Outfit of the Day

Saucer – Galaxy

Engineering hull- Galaxy

Neck section – Galaxy

Warp Nacelles- Galaxy

Warp pylons – Galaxy

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