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屯馬綫一期即將於2020年2月14日正式通車,貫通烏溪沙至啟德;屆時三個新車站包括顯徑站、鑽石山站擴建部份和啟德站將會投入服務,往返大圍站及鑽石山站車程所需時間由17分鐘縮短至9分鐘*,大大節省8分鐘。 想了解一系列智能設施及新車站,即由糖妹和丁子朗帶大家率先體驗!

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the World’s leading public Transport provider the MTR Hong Kong Corporation… is set to open on Valentine’s Day 2020…  In which introducing Kandy and Karl on their journey to learn more about the smart facilities and the new stations…in which it’s a been a waitment of the expansion of three new stations connecting Wu Kai Sha Kai Tak  Hin Keng Stations.. In which leading towards the soon to be online towards Diamond Hill Station and Kai Tak Station.. in which the journey time in between reduced down towards from seventeen towards nine minutes in which giving you a differences of eight minutes of spare saving time enjoy a faster and more convenient journey…..

屯馬綫一期喺2月14日就通車喇!好快大家就可以搭屯馬綫一期,直接去顯徑、鑽石山同啟德三個新站。到時由大圍去鑽石山唔駛轉車,車程仲只係大約9分鐘! 喺正式通車之前,車務團隊又有咩準備工作呢?當大家喺大圍落車後,馬鞍山綫嘅列車會繼續駛去啟德站進行測試。而家就同車長一齊行入新路段睇下啦 ~


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認識.屯馬綫 Getting to know Tuen Ma Line


期待.屯馬綫 Looking Forward to Tuen Ma Line

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