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MTR Hong Kong Corporation the world’s leading Public transport provider “Hong Kong, Stockholm, London Beijing, Sydney ….. All Across the world cities are expanding.. People need better connection to reach places easily, As a world class operator of sustainable rail transport services. MTR integrates the railway with urban development, connecting people to new possibilities, integrated capabilities… As with the Rail also Property model, we optimise the use of valuable land through seamless integration to maximize time for living, working and enjoying life.

The Rail and property model funds the construction and operation of the railway for sustainable living and a transport system with affordable fares…. Total End to end capability – we delivery this through a total end to end capability from design to planning and construction to commissioning, maintenance and operations with Operational Excellence…

Everywhere across the globe, people are busier with more demanding schedules, they need transport systems that are not only safe, but fast and comfortable but above all reliable.. in which Hong Kong MTR passenger journeys on Time.. And that’s the MTR..

Strategic Asset Management.. We pay close attention from management to planning and balancing the performance cost and risks, at all stages of our assets life cycle… With our dedicated Staff, we are continuously improving every aspect to minimize disruption so our customer’s journeys would not be affected… Been customer and community centric at MTR, we are dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience to every customer, with technological developments we also provide more personalised  services with a high level of convenience to enhance the customer experience….  Among is Trusted Partnership MTR works hand in hand with partners around the world to integrate out expertise with local talent with our strong culture of continuous improvement we always deliver and exceed the expectations of the communities and stakeholders that we serve…..

MTR has a global footprint from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, and Mainland China also Macao in which we explore we develop in which we strive to grow and connect communities in different places, Connecting people to new possibilities   .. “

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