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On the 7th January 2020, it is the first wintery season of the of the CNSA- China National Space Administration, in which launching from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center –Sichuan Province – People’s Republic of China- China.. On the winter almost midnight transitionally towards the eighth day of January, residents that live around Xichang Satellite center gather in the hundreds to watch bravely with warmth in which launched on 23.20 hours Beijing time …

This marks the 324th launch for the international iconic Long March- Chang Zheng series.. The launch when successfully without any issues, in which deployed five communications satellite, among one of five, is an advance experimental communications satellite in which is used for high Data velocities communications, radio, television … in which both the Long March – Chang Zheng Carrier Rocket was developed manufactured by the Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology and the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation… The number five satellite developed by CAST China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation…  in which during CNSA Launch calendar plan to launch ten long March –Chang Zheng 3B Carrier Rockets this year.. in completion of the Advance BeiDou Multipurpose Global Satellite Navigation network also international commercial satellites partnerships.…

Credit Images and visuals are from Weibo..

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