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On  27th December 2019 2045 hours Beijing Time  , there’s something interesting that going on CNSA – China National Space Administration  is the launch of the iconic Long March five  known as ChangZheng five- Fat Five its nick name ….. Launching from the Hainan Province’s Wenchang Space Launch Center – People’s Republic of China….. Prior towards the launch date there’s been various social media events in which the general residents, China’s Social Media also general press from China’s mainstream news media had the weeks on inspired exploration of Wenchang Space Launch Center.. .

The first launch of the newly Long March Five – ChangZheng five was first launched at the year 2016 in which that launched was successfully deployed, following the second in year 2017 it was uneventful due to a structural  abnormalities inside the turbine exhaust device of one of the first stage’s liquid oxygen-liquid hydrogen engines.. in which now that have been resolved, in learning the lessons of the second launch, in rebuilding the long march five carrier rocket as new variant from the first also the second..  in which is a new variant..

The long March five –Chang Zheng five is the largest currently, in which soon there are other larger variants of the Long March Ultra Heavies in the process with more heavy more challenging payloads to cater towards more expansive missions also constructions of more expansive larger CSS China Space Station in which in collaboration with its Belt and Road Partnerships countries and organisations among with returning to the moon lunar return samples missions, manned lunar- martian missions…

Manufactured by CASC- China Aerospace and Technology CorporationCALVT China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, at Tianjin City … in which is the sister organisation towards CNSA…in which also manufacture the eight tonne experimental satellite termed the SJ-20- Shijian -20 Technological Experimental Satellite in which testing high end advance communications systems with other onboard install Experimental systems installed..  Shijian 20 replaced it’s precede Shijian Eighteen in 2017 uneventful launch Shijian 20 is Based on the new DFH-5 satellite design developed by the China Academy of Space Technology  …. Given lesson learn from the second, third modified the Long March five Y3 in which is powered up Main propulsion system is an engine on Hydrogen and Oxygen YF-77 Engines in which is core.. As for the secondary it’s the YF-77D in which the external Boosters are of YF-100 Engines Kerosene fed… Chang Zheng 5- The Long March 5 is the heaviest rocket in China’s fleet, and one of the most powerful launcher’s in the world. The Long March 5 can deliver up to 14 metric tons — nearly 31,000 pounds — to geostationary transfer orbit, a popular target orbit for large communications satellites. The launcher’s lift capability to low Earth orbit is around 55,000 pounds, or 25 metric tons…  once deployed Shijian 20 – spacecraft will use its own propulsion system to circularize its orbit at geostationary altitude more than 22,000 miles -nearly 36,000 Kilometers over the equator…..


Images and visuals are from Wiebo .. 

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