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On Christmas Day on the 25th December 2019, on a very clear wintery Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Day at Gansu Province –Inner Mongolia – People’s Republic of China.. In which launching on that late afternoon of 1650 hours Beijing time.. In which a Beijing Space Carrier Rocket company is launching its first maiden flight in which that Chinese private carrier rocket company is one of sixty plus… That which is Beijing Space Trek Technology Company LTD, based operationally in China’s Capital Beijing…

That Christmas Launch was its Maiden flight of its first Suborbital Carrier Rocket… in which that first Sub orbital Carrier Rocket is named Tansuo 1 – termed Chinese meaning 探索一号, explore, exploration… which during the maiden flight testing for completed the whole maneuvered flight and fairing separation at high dynamic pressure during the flight….

The Sub-orbital Carrier Rocket Tansou 1, services various many payloads options meteorological observations, micro gravity testing, as well as satellite payload experiments.

Images and visuals credit from Weibo

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