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Today on the 2nd December 2019 it’s marks the CNSA –China National Space Administration  fifth year anniversary of the launch of the Long March 3B –Chang Zheng 3B Carrier Rocket that launched from Launch complex two Xichang Satellite Launch Center– Sichuan Province- People’s republic of China …. In marking also collaboration for the Belt and Road Initiative for the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program….      In which this mission was to delivery of the lander and the rover that travelled towards orbit on 6th December 2013…. In which landed at the nearby of the Marie Imbrium – Laplace F section..

In which landing in that section of Marie Imbrium – Laplace F section, in which trying to duplicate the soft landing of the previous lunar mission of Change two…  in which this mission specifications was to learn demonstration of the key future mission directives of lunar surface topography and geology survey, lunar surface material composition and resource survey, Sun-Earth-Moon space environment detection, and lunar-based astronomical observation. Chang’e 3 will attempt to perform the first direct measurement of the structure and depth of the lunar soil down to a depth of 30 meters, and investigate the lunar crust structure down to several hundred meters deep…. Where the lander is equipped with Lunar based ultra violet Telescopes, extreme ultraviolet cameras, lander cameras, soil probes..


Designed  to manufacture  by Shanghai Aerospace System Engineering Institute….. Among with the stationary based camp of the Change three.. the Lunar Rover Yutu one, featuring powering up with two solar panels with six wheeled that featuring ground penetrating radar- spectrometers- stereo cameras … The duration of the mission was a learning success in which lasted for least one year but extended towards least six years, in which the rover least three years duration……in which during the years of 2015 January.. The lander has cease to function in which its still in communications.. But not visually, in which the visual equipment have expired of  its usage during it harsh lunar environment


images and visuals are from Weibo

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