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Doctor Who.. Traveling in the TARDIS with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor (2013-2017) whom is the Twelfth in adventuring with Clara Oswald – Jenna Coleman whom saw transitionally from Matt Smith’s Doctor The eleventh… Regeneration since Doctor’s first incarnation in 1963 as the longest serving companion besides the Doctor’s Granddaughter named Susan Foreman, all the way through dozens of regenerations… towards the thirteenth Doctor – Jodie Whitaker….  As their adventures left off form Coal Hill Township…

Day of the Doctor – Anniversary special 2013

The Time of the Doctor –Christmas special 2013

Deep Breath –Series eight 2014

Flatline –Series eight -2014

Death in Heaven – Series eight -2014

The Magician’s Apprentice – Series Nine- 2015

The Girl who Died – Series Nine- 2015

The Zygon Inversion – Series Nine- 2015

Heaven Sent- Series Nine – 2015

The Husbands of River Song – Christmas Special – 2015

The Return of Doctor Mystery – Christmas Special – 2016

The Pilot – Series Ten- 2017

The Doctor Falls – Series Ten – 2017

Once Upon a Time- Christmas Special 2017-

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