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On this year 2019, in already tomorrow in Hong Kong, one of the leading worlds international Airport cities, Hong Kong International Airport, Airport City, have been undergoing constantly extreme extension in innovating for the current passenger in between terminals of connecting that’s located at the North Satellite concourse… In which that connection is named Sky Bridge in providing a two hundred meter long bridge that enhancing the reducing time of passengers travel time of taking the need the of using shuttle buses towards flights in with it designed as bridge to allow for an Airbus 380 to travelling taxing  underneath in which will be complete in 2020 …

The Sky Bridge featuring catering outlets, providing scenic spots of Lantau Island in which providing relaxation spaces for passengers with two hundred meters long bridge that’s equipped with travelator with roof top gardens with restaurants cafes among with observation decks in which children play areas …. Costing at least seven billion Hong Kong Dollars….

Three giant precast segments of the Sky Bridge, which will connect Terminal 1 and the North Satellite Concourse, were delivered from Zhongshan in the Mainland via sea route to the quayside of the airport, and transported to the assembly yard near the midfield area during the closure of a runway for maintenance at night time. Engineers will continue to carry out welding and installation works of the Bridge.

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