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On 19th October 2019, CASC –China Aerospace Science And Technology Corporation in which is a majority of main various network of contractors to build the international iconic Long March series Carrier Rockets for the CNSA –China National Space Administration. In which they’re based in the Haidian district of Beijing, People’s Republic of China….



Following the innovations of the successive Long March Carrier rocket series for Commercial usage, it’s the first inhouse brand of the  CASC –China Aerospace Science And Technology Corporation… to diverse what its learnt of the Long March Carrier Rocket Series..    Then introducing it in house carrier rocket series named Dragon in which are two series Jielong and Tenglong…..

The new series CASC –China Aerospace Science And Technology Corporation is branded present in two series At present, the product is planned as “Jielong” solid fuel commercial launch vehicle series and “Tenglong” liquid fuel  commercial launch vehicle series. It mainly meets the increasing demand for commercial load at home and abroad as emerging international sciences, Communications   markets….

Credits image and visuals are from Weibo –  CASC China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation China Rocket 中國火箭

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