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On 17th October 2019, only least a day from Rocket lab– American private Space New Zealand Based Company launched an Electron Carrier Rocket on As the Crows Flies mission from Mahia Peninsula Launch Complex One.. in which on that Day it was CNSA –China National Space Administration launched an International Iconic Long March 3B – Chang Zheng 3B Carrier Rocket from  Xichang Satellite Launch Center from one of its Various Launch Complexes,  at the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan province in the People’s Republic of China…. Launching the Iconic Long March 3B Carrier Rocket at 2321 Hours Beijing Time…


Launching is the within the payload successfully is an experimental advance communications satellite, known as experimental Testing Satellite Number four- TJSW number four , its provision is for the of multi-band and high-rate satellite communication technologies… in which this mission is the three hundredth fifteenth launching for the iconic Long March Carrier Rocket series The Carrier Rocket Long March 3B- 3B/E plus YZ1- YuanZheng one the secondary stage, is one of CNSA’s major reliable unmanned work trucks…Manufactured in China’s ancient capital Xi’an by China CALT – China Academy of Launch Vehicle Rocket Technology…

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