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Today’s it’s the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, 1st October 1949, today there’s a massive celebrations in China also in the Chinese Communities worldwide.. as the celebrations for Golden week … it’s also the announcing of the newly launch Complex for the Rocket Lab 火箭實驗室a American Space Carrier Rocket Company, based in New Zealand..  in collaboration with Virginia Space of construction of the LC2- Launch Complex Two ion Wallops Island  – Wallops Flight Facility in the United States.. in which features many lessons learnt from the experiences of the LC1-Launch Complex Mahia Peninsula- North Island –New Zealand… in which can launch mostly American satellite  type payloads that’s not recommend in launching in New Zealand  in which likes of that doesn’t violate the New Zealand Anti –Nuclear Act of 1986…  in which VirginiaSpace also caters to others also towards Rocket Lab, in which running the day to day operations of hopefully launching one hundred and twenty launches per year annually from LC1 but with LC2 Wallops a hopefully One Hundred and thirty launches per year annually ….   With the current Electron Carrier Rocket among with the propose reusable Carrier Rocket in development…

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