Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

Representation of the Star Trek alternative universe, Alivsion 100, representation of the alternative is the Kelvin universe at its best creatively to capture the everyday, in which the Kelvin Universe was an intersection event that was temporally during the massive evacuation of the Original timeline of the Roluman Star System in which the Roluman home world star when supernova- the Hobus Star System….. In year 2387 in which incidents arises when one super large Roluman freighter was consumed into an alternative in which later pursued the original Ambassador Spock into the alternative awaitingly only meeting up with the USS Kelvin in latterly with the too soon Captain Kirk

Alivsion 100 recreates that world of the Kelvin Universe in which has the same elementary inspiration true of the lore of Star Trek, curiosity, exploration in through composite animations of Kelvin Universe Starships inspired recent projects composite produce with a score Scott Buckley Icarus….

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