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During the months of September 2019, in which a private owned Portuguese Wet Lease specialist airliner have received their first Airbus A330neo in an all exclusive Airbus feet in the making.. in which they’ve already The A330 will be deployed to further expand Hi Fly’s long-haul wet lease and charter operations worldwide. Hi Fly operates an all-Airbus fleet of 20 aircraft including four A320 Family aircraft, 15 A330/A340 Family aircraft and one A380…..

The all new Airbus HiFly Airline A330Neo lease from Air Lease Corporation… featuring the latest generation inflight entertainment also aviation interior systems from Airspace by Airbus, with configurable three hundred and seventy one seats, in a two class layout in with eighteen high comfort lie-flat business class with the remain of three hundred and fifty three economy seats.. in which the A330Neo is outfitted with the

As a wet lease airliner specialist, HiFly airlines provides immediate logistics airline aircraft responds on leasing aircraft for short notice airline operations.. With maintenance and crew and third party insurance provided in a ready servicing packaging..


Featuring in this case the new series of A330neo’s engine is a newly installed Roll Royce Trent 7000 series engine… in which increasing lift with the new wing tip with the reduction of drag with the extended wing of 3.7 meters it’ll increase the lift also reducing the drag also fuel consumption of its newly design wing tip Sharklets like the Airbus 350WXB series…,

The New Airbus 330neo’s in the 800’s and the 900’s  is wide body aircraft among with its Younger sister A350 series, in with sleek aerodynamics improvements in which the wings of the aircraft is with the latest next Generation inflight cabin  Airbus Airspace technologies……

Airbus Photographer –Master Films- A. Doumenjou…

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