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In July 2018 in Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong it was time to redesign, re-engineering, Various Hong Kong Banks have release with celebrations of new highly advanced Bank notes that extremely hard to counterfeit to the last encrypted detail… Among one of the many iconic international banks is HSBC- Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation in which among others Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Standard Charter Bank, Bank of China have release their new notes..

The new notes were in domination of twenty, fifty, one hundred, five hundred, One Thousand notes denominations….  In which each notes domination have a different themes that draws an iconic Chinese Culture..


“……The 2018 series new Hong Kong Dollar $100 banknotes are issued on 3rd, September, 2019. The new banknotes have incorporated advanced security features. Expert on New Banknotes Security Features, Aaron Kwok, will demonstrate how to feel the embossed surface on the banknote and examine the dynamic shimmering pattern and windowed metallic thread. Other features include enhanced watermark, concealed and fluorescent see-through denomination…….The selected thematic subjects represent different aspects of Hong Kong, including IFC on $1,000 note, the Hong Kong Geopark on $500 note, Cantonese Opera on $100 note, Butterfly in Hong Kong on $50 note and Dim Sum and Tea Culture on $20 notes.. “

For Hong Kong –SAR- the One Hundred Dollar Note its Cantonese Opera, in which there’s a variant of Chinese Opera in which one is the Peking Opera in which has been favored by the imperial Qing Dynasty family of the Aisin Gioro Clan, in which is there’s been a very strong resurgent in Chinese Opera throughout Hong Kong Communities in which there’s a new theatre dedicated for it in West Kowloon Xiqu Center……

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