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On the Saturday Beijing morning 31st August 2019, 中國製造 Expace Technology Corporation on of sixty plus private space carrier rockets companies in China have successfully launched two experimental Cube Satellites in which enter into their pre-determined orbit from the Expace The Kuaizhou -1A Rocket is provision design as low earth orbit carrier, in which its payloads least than three hundred kilograms… With a Solid Rocket Motor with a very reliable high quality designs in with rapid launch cycles…

 On launching from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch center at 0741 Beijing morning time, in which is located in the Gobi Desert, inner Mongolia in which is part of one of many CNSA- China National Space Administration launch complexes for heavy long March Rockets, in which is  also part of the Dongfeng Aerospace City..

 One of two satellites developed and constructed by the Innovation Academy for Micro satellites of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a Micro gravity observation satellites to detect study micro gravity in space in low earth orbits.. The second satellite is privately owned built by Spacety Company limited. A Private Changsha Chinese commercial Space Company in testing solar sail technology for propulsion as the solar sail is being propelled by the solar wind from the sun…

Credit Images visuals are from Weibo

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