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World’s leading International Airport City, _ Hong Kong International Airport I Cathay Pacific Airways Photographer @KevinJamesNg

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong…… In an already tomorrow world’s leading international airport hub. Hong Kong International Airport is set towards to undergo through another innovative evolution from becoming a leading International City  Airport towards becoming an  International Airport City …  “The Airport City development of Hong Kong International Airport is supported by our extensive global air network.. In connecting Hong Kong with over two hundred and twenty destinations around the globe worldwide also our close connection with the Greater Bay Area. …. The Greater Bay Area is economically the most open in connecting with eleven cities within the Greater Bay Area the most vibrant region in Mainland China.. “

“…One of many Aspects of The Smart Airport- The Smart International Airport City, in which creating a sustainable International City… In Sustainability is an important guiding principle of out Airport City Vision,  Hong Kong International Airport has pledged to be one of the world greenest international airports through close collaborations with the whole community..  in which High Performance Glass Facade.. in which we strive to minimize the airport’s carbon footprint…. Introducing with the Electric Vehicles to reduce air pollution ….Large solar arrays constellations on the airports roofing superstructure in which helps to increase clean energy, with the introduction of recycled water for landscaping irrigation for water efficiency, as with enhance air quality… with Sustainable waste management introducing a waste recycling management programmes.. as part conserving energy is the use of the natural light from utilizing Airports skylights and reducing artificial lighting with a overall green performance ….


To support the long term man power supply for Hong Kong’s Aviation industry we have established the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy as a Regional aviation Training centre… Through a comprehensive curriculum of courses and training, from day camps to professional certification courses for aviation practitioners also with more advanced programmes which ensure a constant supply of new blood into the industry..  The International Airport City- Hong Kong International Airport with its community investment initiative introduce the EXTRA MILE project to attract and retain talent for the airport, EXTRA MILE is a newly community initiative that creates a platform of the Airport Authority with its business partners to unleash the latent potential.. of the workforce in surrounding neighbourhoods.. The project attracts the youth also non-Chinese speaking nationals to join the aviation industry it also helps to retains the airport staff with children by offering after-schools care services…

In building a Sustainable International Airport City, Hong Kong international Airport is committed to operating also growing environmentally, in a socially responsible manner……  “


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