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World’s leading International Airport City, _ Hong Kong International Airport I Cathay Pacific Airways Photographer @KevinJamesNg

In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong…… In an already tomorrow world leading international airport hub. Hong Kong International Airport newest update on their awarding app, My Flight App in which in which sets out to help you making it easier for you the traveller on finding you around the Hong Kong International Airport , in which its newest update.. In which you can customize of how you like to interact with the app, personalizing it or go for the classic look, among there staying up with the real time of departure flight status… Getting directions within the airport’s indoor map with AR way finding in finding you location around the airport with Argument Reality … in which the App allows you to find you luggage with the Airport RF Tagging- Baggage arrival notice.. Also various transportation towards and from the International Airport ….. Among registration you on the App allow you with personalised Offers and discounts with various coupons- vouchers that on offer within the App…  Among with the Virtual Reality syncing with the Argument Reality helping you to translate the directional signage towards your language in which getting towards your destination quicker on time….

Given that you park your vehicle at the Airport’s Car park it’ll make sure where there’s empty car park spacing is, also helps you if there’s an traffic incursions along the way.. among resting with dinning and shopping the App offers various offers also discounts, savings when you shop and dine at the restaurants also shopping along the way..

Also Hong Kong International Airport adopts the latest technologies to enhance the passenger experience and operational efficiency all as part of its efforts to evolve into a Smart Airport ….. The HKG My Flight mobile App provides wide arrays of helpful features including real time flight information, Car park spaces for Pre-Booking also online shopping at the HKairport shop …. Indoor Way finding and direction signage translation… Show airport facilities shop and restaurants all at a glance..

MYTAG …. Delivers baggage arrival notices to passengers through a mobile app.. Making the baggage reclaim process easier and more convenient …. HKIA has adopted an array of smart initiatives, with big data and facial recognition technology with a view to enabling “ a single token” for a hassle –free passenger journey from check in to boarding.. Smart Check In Kiosks Help passengers check in with ease..  Passengers can print baggage tags and check in their bags on their own.. By using the self-bag drop facilities … in which the whole process takes in a only a minute.. The E-Security gates adopting facial recognition technology, have also been installed speeding up the boarding journey it’ll further be applied to the boarding gates in the future..

For Airport operation, Trolley monitoring and tracking system, The Airport Authority adopts video analystics system to monitor the supple of trolleys in real time..  GPS vehicle tracking, for airside motorise vehicles and ground services equipment also in place to deploy resources effectively.. The flexible loading arm  “ Stack @EASE Robotic arm”  assist workers load baggage safely and easily

The Airfield Ground Lighting scanning inspection System checks the damages of airfield ground lighting through computer analysis in which is more efficient than visual inspection … The Innovation lab conducts trails for the latest smart technologies … Hong Kong International Airport….. Will keep exploring leading-edge innovations to offer passengers a more convenient and hassle free journey

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