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In the preparations of for upcoming launch of An American – New Zealand based Carrier Rocket company Rocket lab for their next launch series launch to deployment of Look Ma No Hands of four satellites for the United States Air force Space Command among with three others surveillance Intel satellites in the upcoming August launch of their Launch Calendar from their first launch complex one at the Mahia Peninsula which is situated in rural eastern coastal of North Island, New Zealand Also there newly acquired American launch complex Two in Wallops Air force base still under construction..  Launching from the company’s launch cost effective Carrier Rocket- Electron, in which is mostly manufactured Home grown in which thirty percent is manufactured in California, in which is the Rutherford- Curie Engines which is 3D printed at the Huntington plant in Los Angles..

Among the Look Ma No Hands upcoming launch marking as their eighth launch in during seventh of August 2019, American – New Zealand based Carrier Rocket company Rocket lab founder – CEO Peter Peck make a major company announcement and providing details on the company’s continued achievements in providing frequent and reliable access to space for small satellites, Also with inhouse built Photon small satellite in which is built catering towards your needs…


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