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On a very fine Thursday 25th July 2019 1300 hours Beijing Time, iSpace, have successfully launched two satellites in orbit, in which it is the first Chinese Private Space Company to do so successfully commercially first out from sixty known private space companies in China..  founded in Beijing 2016 located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone or known for short as E-Town… launching the SQX-1 Y1 from one of many CNSA-China National Space Administration launching complexes, launching from Jiuquan Satellite Launch complex, in which is situated in North East China…. Located at the Gobi Desert Inner Mongolia ……

Launching the Hyperbolic One twenty meter Carrier Rocket, from its unique launch platform, in which with a weight of thirty metric tonnes in which is making up is in three solid fuel stages the fourth is a liquid fuel propulsion system…  in which has a payload capabilities of 260 kg into an orbit of five hundred meters attitude into SSO –Sun Synchronous Orbit..  In which on that 25th July 2019, it launched a dual payload satellites into orbit..

Images are from Weibo..

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