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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, among the millions of passengers whom commute every day, every week, every month, year on the World’s leading MTR Hong Kong corporation also the  MTR Hong Kong system in  which they also the world’s leading number public transport provider…..  Among the recently innovations engineering that’s been applied, so is the public transportation supporting roles that been implied to the numerous MTR Stations city region wide in providing high degree quality in comfortable towards new lifts, bathrooms, seating in providing your life journeys throughout your day…  in which there are many of the new facilities that been installed recently in which there are more presently soon..  As the supporting cast of Hong Kong’s Television TVB’s eight in the evening series on the Huang Family and their friends the 愛回家之開心速遞 – Lo And Behold ….. Demonstrates the Facilities ….

In which the new Bathroom features a more high quality hygienic bathroom toilets facilities among is each station Bathroom have a connection Baby Care changing stations in dedicating to provide a very comfortable environment…. In recently developments is the new air ventilation systems installed at the Stations in providing high quality air freshness within the MTR Stations environmental systems in which instead of recycling air towards travelling patrons passengers..

Another new features that been integrating is when awaiting for your next train, in which you can charge your mobile devices with the numerous mobile charging stations consoles, in which you can keep on moving without of the need of uncharged device… as the growing demand the gates towards the station will be widen in facilitating larger wider wheel chairs, also passenger whom carry large items onto the transition section..

In which new water dispensers have been recently installed, in which each MTR Station in becoming eco-friendly of filling your own water for free in your own supplied bottle in order to cut down the unnecessary wastage use of plastic bottles as many other reducing least use of plastics waste in Hong Kong.. !

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