#RocketLab #火箭實驗室 |#光子 – The #Photon #Spacecraft is not that #StarTrek #PhotonTorpedo ….?

Down Southern hemisphere in Mountain Wellington – Auckland, New Zealand,  an American Base Carrier Rocket Company that made it’s based in an industrial section of Auckland, in which that American Base space company is Named Rocket Lab – 火箭實驗室, in which in production of their next product range in which is purposely design to fully integrated into the Electron Carrier Rocket in which also design to forgo the various steps of having to adaption, finding compatibles  or modifications … in which lead towards the one stop store in producing a spacecraft in creating a heritage space craft chassis design in a co-architecting component for the upper stage or the secondary staging for the Electron Carrier Rocket in which if forms as integrated module known as the  kick stage module…  that small robust space craft is named the光子Photon orthough it’s not that Star Trek Photon Torpedo..

With an operational life cycle of five years, Design for the LEO Low Earth Orbit towards thirty seven degrees towards SSO Sun Synchronous Orbits missions with a weight upwards of least than 170 Kilograms in which of orbital dependent.. having the Photon Space Craft that allows the Satellite to be constructed with their mission criteria requirements in which that could easily integrated, or the provide satellite hardware that could be arrange within the Photon Space Craft Chassis module also its core 3D printed  Curie Engine unit in which is core propulsion system of the secondary stage of the Electron Carrier Rocket in which among another base bundle package is the S-Band Communications systems with the integrated high fidelity Attitude Control system along with the avionics unit ….

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