#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #HongKongSpaceMuseum #香港太空館 #香港 #DiscoverHongKong | celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the #Apollo11 #MoonLanding that happen on 20th July 1969 #SpaceExhibition …..

Hong Kong Space Museum – Tsim Shan Tsui.


In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong after a short two year duration of renovations at the Hong Kong Space Museum located in at 10 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong in which leading up towards two hundred exhibits from One Hundred in which consisting on Thirty two million Hong Kong Dollars (USD 4.1 Million- NZD 8.2 Million) in which re-open on 25th April 2018… in which the displays are made more interactive than the ones that was previously exhibited in which gives the visitors more an understanding about space sciences, Astronomy with more interactive, animated exhibits …

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” – The Late Astronaut Neil Armstrong


In which current on 27th June 2019, The Asia world city Hong Kong Space Museum’s lobby foyer in which under gone with some renovations of a pop up exhibition in which partition  behind panel wall of construction in which they now revealed today on 3rd July towards 2nd September 2019..  this morning in celebrating the 5oth year anniversary of the Old School original NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration first landing on the Moon on 20th July 1969, on the Sea of Tranquillity…. In Chinese’s stories it’s the Jade Rabbit cute bunny head that they landed in between her ears… Apond landing with only a second remaining of landing fuel left.. In making a very difficult landing of the Lunar Lander- Lunar command Module –Eagle.. With first stepping on the moon the late Astronaut Neil Armstrong following by the Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, in which his name wise inspired the character space patrol officer toy Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story series…  As Eagle landed in between her, jade rabbit ears – Tranquillity… while the third Astronaut Michael Collins stayed in the awaiting for them in the Command Module Columbia in doing experiments waiting for them…

The Apollo Mission in which previously termed the Constellation mission as it rebranded to Apollo in which honouring the perish three Astronauts of Apollo, Apollo One in which they perish under a flash fire fuel by a rich pure oxygen cabin environment.. in which taking form learnt lessons it now a Nitrogen Oxygen mixture..

The Hong Kong Space Museum, in collaboration with the LEGO Hong Kong LTD, in company with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department .. Featuring extreme large LEGO Spacecraft, Rockets, EVA suits, also among the exhibits is the history of the mission towards the Moon, also an LEGO Hong Kong Saturn V Carrier Rocket built out of Lego bricks, along the exhibition is photography of the mission, models with interactive exhibits in going behind the many introductory aspects of sciences   of going towards the moon….

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