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In  Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, among the millions of passengers whom commute every day, every week, every month, year on the World’s leading MTR Hong Kong MTR system also World’s leading Transport provider is a new featuring update within the MTR Hong Kong App ecosystem … in which there’s a new feature in reminding you of your next destination reminder that Alighting reminder that reminds you of your next stop that you depart from in which it also brings towards your attention to rerouting your next train to transit onto in with real time information with interchange also exit notification locations



Tap “Set-up Alighting Reminder” on the MTR Mobile home screen



Select your origin and destination#, tap “Start” and the home button #You are required to turn on Bluetooth and Location Services in the system setting of your smartphone

You will receive notifications when the train is approaching interchange and destination station, as well as upon your arrival at the station. In addition, the function will provide your real-time locations during the ride

You will receive push notifications even when you are not using MTR Mobile

Tap this icon on the MTR Mobile home screen to access the “Trip Planner” function



Set your origin and destination and select “Suggested Route”



Then tap “Start Alighting Reminder”



Although the instruction are in English, but the introductory instruction visual presentation is in Chinese- Cantonese dialect..

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