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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, there are numerous places for musical lake water fountain dances, one can be found in Hong Kong Ocean park in which in which performs every day but it’s best to view the Symbio at the Aqua City lagoon, in which the water 360 degrees screen is projection with spectacular water fire laser projections with music among with explosive fireworks.. …..

Across the Pearl Delta River, fifty five Kilometers away it’s the Macau Wynn Hotel, in which it greet its guest on arrival when you arrive at the Wynn Macau… In which is situated at the Entrance of Wynn Macau. Alike with the Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Symbio water Fountain… It is timely with three minute shows in at fifteen minutes intervals period throughout the day…  musically ballet imagination engineered with arrays of composer of eight hundred thousand gallons of water, with three hundred water nozzles, with fifteen hundred individually controlled coloured LED lights, with seven fiery jets to inflame that fiery burst into the air.. Dancing in ballet synchronise of elements to the musical lyrics of watercolor and fire..

Sunday to Friday:
11:00 am to 9:45 pm
Saturday and eve of public holiday:
11:00 am to 10:45 pm
Each show lasts approximately three minutes and runs alternately at 15 minutes intervals

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