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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, Happening on the 13th towards the 18th June 2019 ..  on the tenth year of the Chinese Opera Festival in Hong Kong, in which it’s the first time it’s held at the newly constructed awaiting Xiqu Centre in West Kowloon cultural district.. in which the Grand Theatre also it’s the Tea House Theatre where the programmes are going to be staged in which bringing enhancing new experiences to Audiences, also the centre providing with educationally entertaining, workshops, lectures, film screenings, also meeting the cast and crew in getting know the operatically art in various genres for the general audience also public ……

Among the various events in also out house of the Xiqu Theatre, along with the stage performances comes with various many Chinese opera house from Mainland China, also from Peking opera Master North and South, China National Peking Opera Company and Shanghai Jinqjiu Theatre Company, Experimental Theatre of Liyuan Opera of Fujian, Jiangsu Kunqu Opera Theatre, Shanghai Yue Opera group , Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera: Jingkun Theatre and Shandong Peking Opera Theatre…. Wenzhou Opera Research Institute…..

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