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On Wednesday 5th June 2019, CNSA – China National Space Administration 國家航天….. have successfully launch a sea based launched from the Yellow Sea it was launched at twelve noon on Beijing time..  launching that day is the reliable heavy modified Long March 11 Carrier Rocket … in which launching it is the first nation to launch that endeavour, beside the commercial one that was previous operating that was Sea Launch, in which has almost the same launch concept from a mobile sea platform  … in which that company was a private.. In which unfortunate became unoperational due to various conflicts among its partnership countries, United States, Norway, Ukraine …. In which fortunately that CNSA wouldn’t run into the same problems due it’s operational from one organisation…

Image credit _ China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology

There are multiple advantages of having a seaborne mobile launched platform in, which it’ll cut cost of delivery towards orbit as the given the launch is done at the equator it’ll gradually  reduce the need for larger carrier rockets to place payloads at the equator in which communications satellites , in which creating flexibilities for different types of payload launched towards form different points of latitude in which therefore lowing cost in the in providing more of the commercial gains in delivery of a payload.. Less expensive … other advantages are there are least chances of the fuselage of the launch of the rocket landing on a populous area…


As part of the payload delivery, it was a five payloads satellites that go delivered towards there orbits, in which are commercial weather satellites constellation network. Named Wind Catchers- Bufeng, working together in which providing meteorological weather data gathering of the planetary wind currents, also typhoon monitoring in providing provisions of forecasting warnings of extreme weather…  among with the five satellite constellation launch is the Jilin 03A – Earth sciences observation satellite- Changguang Satellite  Technology Corporation, in which will have least twenty satellite constellations…. Among within the payload is the Linksure Network in providing free WiFi on a planetary scale in which that constellation is complied with two hundred satellites…

 As part of the other payload is experimenting with new innovative painting coatings that applied on the carrier rocket’s fuselage in which that process could be applied in the paint coatings applied on the manufacturing of WEY brand vehicles to extend the life of the vehicles under extreme harsh conditions …  in which it’s parent brand is Great Walls Motors..

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