#LEGO #LEGOHongKong #樂高 #樂高香港 #香港 | #Apollo11 #LunarLander Eagle- created by #LegoDesigner #LegoCreator veteran architect #LarsJoe …. Celebrating the Anniversary of that day 20th July 1969….


On 20th July 1969 it was the most anticipated landing watched that set the cold war in between the CCCP- USSR –Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – with the United States… In which back then it was a different NASA but original…. unlike today’s NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration which is run by a disruptive administration …..  On that day on twentieth of July in which two American Astronauts set foot on the moon that representing humanity for the first time, not representing America, but representing as scientific ambassadors representatives of planet Earth……. In which Astronaut the late Neil Armstrong set that first footing as he and Buzz Aldrin the second to set foot on the almost made it landing after exhausting all lunar lander module Eagle’s landing fuel..  Force drifting landing on the sea of Tranquillity… in which is in between the ears of the Jade Rabbit in which they landing on the Jade Rabbit’s head…    as overhead their fellow Astronaut witness from above orbiting around the moon awaiting for their return on Apollo Command Module- Columbia Astronaut Michael Collins ….

In leading up towards that Anniversary Lego has recreated a newer larger version for that 50th year anniversary in which it was built from the ground up…. As Lego Designer also veteran architect Lars Joe, in which he’s been working on the Lego lunar lander  in which is designed in three pieces in which comes in three parts the lunar Command module, the Lunar lander in which the lander has four legs, with movable parts to simulate a landing in progress.. With gold foil bricks in which are housing to protect sensitive delicate instruments from the extreme harsh environments of space, also the lunar surface… among the surroundings of the lander it has movable hatches in which retracted outwardly for instruments…..

One of the third parts is the lunar surface which has foot prints, when designing the Lunar Module lander; it’s built with the original look, with in collaboration with NASA in providing the necessary details in building the lunar set… to make the display extremely detail… in which a previous model was the revised Saturn V rocket..  In which makes great companion towards an Apollo Collection…

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