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During the summery season In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, it’s the Typhoon season in which averagely extends from the month of May towards November, in which its climatic peak of the Typhoon season is from July towards September…  in which Hong Kong has been already preparation on hand for the typhoon season… in case of serious levels of a massive Typhoon levels the city region on shutting down in which putting the population first in public safety …..

In those times the World’s leading MTR public transport provider… Have taken preparations every step on the way, by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years…  in which the MTR Hong Kong will be extending the station hours beyond midnight with more frequent trains services ..  In which helping you getting from work back to home safely or towards your destination…

In which its best to check the MTR Hong Kong website, or for more information checking it out on the MTR Hong Kong mobile application in which can be found on the iTunes Store, or the Google Play Store..   In best to check on the MTR Mobile, in which to check onwards all the stations real time status also news….. as more on the go weather assessment comes from Hong Kong Observatory also the in house weather data of the MTR Hong Kong ….

In a T1 or T3 alert, there will be more frequent services, in a T8 level alert train servicing frequent increasing rate, in which to accommodate more of the increasing passenger levels transiting in between from their destinations… among with increasing MTR crew assisting your journey best safety transiting in between..

As the Typhoon levels increase from T8 towards T10 more there’s more increasing frequent train services in which also repair crews on standby to do any immediate repairs on the go to keep the MTR lines safely running… In which also there’s will be frequent passenger services on the MTR buses aswell as long the Typhoon levels are lowered to T8 levels.. Safely is imperative… As Let Francis and King Sir explains..

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