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On the month of April 2019 there was a delivery ceremony held at Macau International Airport…. That in which  Air Macau have receive their first Airbus  Airbus 320 Neo’s in which is set to have a comparable fleet of eighth A320 Neo, also its longer variant A321Neo.. in which that fleet is under a leasing programme  as they expansion there fleet of operating from the Macau International Airport that’s situated in Tappa Island in Greater Bay Area in which Macau –SAR is situated in which the airport is unique designed with an off shore reclamation runway in which currently is undergoing expansions…

The New A320Neo Design is a single aisle cabin featuring with 158 seating eight businesses also 150 in economy, with the advance inflight entertainment system from Airspace by Airbus, in which its engine is the next generation, among the Sharklets innovations that contribute more than fifteen percent fuel savings… It’s also twenty first in the Air Macau’s fleet…  in which during construction the livery of Macau is the native floral of Macau that inspired from Macau-SAR Flag…   Air Macau’s Fleet is already component includes four A319ceo, six A320ceo and 10 A321ceo aircraft……

image credit Airbus H Gousse #澳門航空 #AirMacau – Airbus A320 Neo.. its newest member..

With major advance modifications among with the modifications is the two new engine choices Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower PW1100G-JM , or the  CFM International’s LEAP-1A – along with Sharklet™ wingtip devices… in which both engines in which provide massive degrees with fuel efficiency providing that with efficiency is its Wing tip devices as the design of the Airbus 320neo  has been design with fuel efficiency and savings …..

As part of the innovation is the interior space saving, also its comfort in maxing out the interior size with twenty percent more height with sixty five percent wider within the Airbus  Family.. One other features is the lower cabin altitude with an equivalent to an averagely of 19507.2 meters in which give passenger comfort atmosphere to almost to the same environment as they experiencing on ground altitude..    One other thing that comes out with Airbus is the innovation of standardisation of the Commonality by design, as the same cockpit design share the same design with the same flight characterises that makes a pilot transition easier high quality certification at a lower cost without going for the retraining process of a long durations relearning a new cockpit design …

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