Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

It’s not how far you’ve come, it’s how far you’ll go Move Beyond is the next newest innovative storytelling for Asia’s leading Carrier Cathay Pacific Airways 國泰航空公司,  in which helping you embarking on your journey to taking you more further with people connectivity  more meaningful experiences in which thousands of people whom travel with Cathay pacific embark on their on what’s Ahead as this multitude of storytelling it begins with a young girl passenger about to take a journey from Hong Kong International Airport in which boarding her first flight with her mother, with traveling toy monkey companion as starts to board towards her seating her monkey companion goes astray in which is found by the lovely Cathay pacific flight attendants returingly ..

As boarding many other stories unfold embarking to new ways, among for what’s ahead its move beyond with growing direct flights routes flying towards more than two hundred cities, adding new routes with an increasing growing network, along the newest routes , Dublin, Nanning, Washington DC, Jinan, Medan, Brussels, Seattle ..

As Cathay Pacific Airways increase their fleet of Airbus 350-1000’s with new Airspace by Airbus features with a awarding winning inflight comfort,  as their newest fleet with a fuel economy aircraft, with a quieter aircraft that  it’s runs on biofuel, in which Cathay Pacific is the first airline to run their Airbus 350’s series fleet on biofuels with Fuel Efficient..  with latest in comfort interior wise  in which have menus where you can eat well,  In which Currently Flying and operating is Cathay Pacific Airways all new Airbus 350-1000 in which was delivered to On a clear summer French Toulouse 19th June 2018 Day, Airbus have delivered Cathay Pacific Airways has received its first Airbus 350XWB -1000 series Long Range Airliner.. It’s the second Airliner Carrier to taken delivery….

Onboard with the new Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus 350-1000 is new Airbus Airspace cabin experiences introducing into with new features with advance inflight WiFi, with new innovated seating economy arrangements with comforting seats that if you’re like seating in business class… with a scientifically designed cushioning head rest that rest your head while sleeping so you won’t need to bring a neck rest.. Among it with an extensive Cathay Pacific Airways Studio CX entertainment system with gaming, movies, inflight latest magazines that displayed onto you screen with over One Thousand hours of content…

As with the inflight WiFi it lets you to connect with the rest of the world, in which allowing you to share your inflight experiences with your socials, also help you keeping in touch with your love ones with recharging utilities for your devices…  also in which you can order snacks from you seat having send to you..

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