#BlueOrigin #藍色起源 | #月球著陸器 – introducing the #LunarLander #BlueMoon a multi-tasking mission lander ….

On the 10th May 2019, Blue Origin has introduce a new Lunar Lander in which is designed as a multi mission lander in which its design heritage is design to launch a small, medium towards large payloads to the lunar orbit, or the lunar surface, in provisions of precise and soft landings .. with a manned exploration command lunar module.. Exploring with a human lunar exploration on the moon….

Blue Moon designs comes from learning from the New Shepard, with LH2|LOX propulsion system.. with precision helm and navigation controls for vertical landing and landing gearing systems..  The payload capabilities capacity in which can land multiple metric tonnes of payload on the lunar landscape..  with the top deck for Luna Landers, or accommodating with heavier payloads with a standard ESPA class payload ring port in the medium and lower decks.. is power core system is a battery of fuel cells in which as long duration capacitance for most nights to come depending of the mission requirements criteria..  there’s two Variants of the Blue Moon Lunar Lander, the payload delivery, also the larger variant in which a Lunar Command Module is attached to the landing module  for a manned exploration crew..

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