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During this year of 2019 also the previous 2018 In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, the world leading MTR, The MTR Hong Kong Corporation have created a “MTR Budding Station Masters- MTR Safety Experience Zone Programme “ in which helping children to learn about the operations of the MTR systems also its safety measures in which also not they look cute in their customised MTR staff uniform.. Also wondering how creative innovative pushing the boundaries of learning curiosity that they never thought before..

In which the amazing youth learnt on the MTR Security Experience World Focus, through many interactive exhibitions throughout the programme with various workshops in Safety been courteous platform, in holding handrails, safe travel maps, elevator safety, the need Know of sharing areas, train safety work shop, the knowledge of Dangerous goods also what not to bring..  The Highlights of programme is to bring awareness in a two hour programme in which the students are range in between Primary one to six grade, in which the programme enrolment is on a first come basis.. as they role play the different safety situations with a budding stations masters that takes to bring the educationally awareness of the station control room also custom service center of daily operations..  In which it runs during the weekends…

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