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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, Celebrating the open air spaces design in Hong Kong, The Design District Hong Kong helps you to understand the real fundamentals inspire illustrates the Authentic Culture of Hong Kong locally on a tour or a self-exploration tour with the locals that provides you an real in depth feel of Hong Kong on a grass roots level throughout its creative, innovative multi integrated level generation history…

In which that festival introductionally tour begins with open air district galleries within the districts of in between 灣仔 Wan Chai, 深水埗 Sham Shui Po, in which  Discover Hong Kong introductionally stories show case those neighbourhoods storytelling previously of the vibrant city, districts with original, traditional craftsman working in distinctive Architecturally with their own stories to tell..   In which Both Districts have their individual stories to tell from being a place of creative designs, inspiring art places in open air environments that portray in its historical street Architecture In which like  exploring Wan Chai, the House of Blues in which international known Grace Choi’s Yi Ming Oriental did her recent fashionable iconic Qipao collection presentation of her inspired elemental themes tribute to Hong Kong …

There’s two ways that you can explore, through a tour group, or through self-exploration in which adventuring on two options will give you some international known streets spots in which you can explore through the people with while photographing your moments while discovering Wan Chai or Sham Shu Po.. Through its urbanscape, design elements in the district, with its food culture..

The tours have starting point of place and time where the adventurers meet as they proceed to explore the streets in the #ddSnap with a tour guide to take you around in which one is International 2017 National Geographic Wheelock Youth photographer – instagrammer Jeremy Cheung in which tours done in segments of Cantonese, Mandarin, English starting point of Fleming Road Garden, Wan Chai..  There’s Other Walks #ddStory – Discovering the Stories Behind Local Design and Crafts.. Discovery Wan Chai Architectural Gems and Explore City Design…  and other inbetween is in which the tours hybrids the walking tour with digital artwork integrating the past, present, the presently soon future….

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