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In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, a group of Hong Kong selected class of 2018- thirty junior high school students in becoming aspiring-inspiring   Taikonauts-Chinese Astronauts in which they got to experience of what life of an Taikonauts life is   Astronauts in an educational trip during the 2017 year.. in which during that year which Our Hong Kong Foundation  INNOTECH 2017 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, one of the most featured articles is the CNSA-Chinese National Space Administration and their important  work they do in which featured the guest speaker Wang Yaping: China’s second female astronaut whom made living history as part of the crew of the Shenzhou nine crew..  In which the Chinese Central government offer Hong Kong Students in the region to take part in the soon to be first upcoming civilian Taikonaut program….. Within the decade..

Their journey takes them in meeting up with at the Hong Kong Space Museum in Tsim Sha Tsui next to the Hong Kong Cultural Center opposite to the famous hotel The Peninsula Hong Kong… in where there chartered transportation takes them to Hong Kong International Airport among with their families… in which they depart on Cathay Dragon-Cathay Pacific’s Domestic airliner..  From there they embark onwards towards mainland China towards where they spend visiting Beijing Aerospace city also Jiuquan Satellite Launch center in where CNSA launch their Long March carrier rocket program.. From there they did various fun team building working exercises in which constructing a rocket to launch to understand the key concepts..

They visited China Astronaut Research Training center in which located in Beijing in which they got to experience the real training of what the crews train undergoes.. as they tour through China’s Capital Beijing they got to visit NAOC-China Astronomical Observatories Chinese Academy of Sciences in which they got educated like how the Astronaut training undergoes also earning various merits.. As the lesson draws in they got to wear the real EVA suits that they used in space..  In which NAOC-CNSA- Astronaut Center of China’s staff assisted the students in wearing them,  Onwards they under goes the various physical training at the Environmental Control and Life Support Tech where they learning about the environmental and life support systems… in which taking real exams like as did with the training..

Among with the fun nights they got to hang around with the national hero’s key members of the CNSA staff also with the Taikonauts of the Shenzhou nine missions also the National Hero Chinese astronaut Wang Yaping… as the journeys progressive they visited various launching complexes from historic to its current in where what goes behind the scenes..

From there after days of educational fun training, it was time to head off to another destinations one of China’s previous Capitals Xian… In where the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) was establish … visiting the terracotta tomb guardians army of the fallen Qin Shi Haung also the Ming Dynasty fortress walls of the inner city in which replaced the aging Qin Dynasty fortifications ……

The key sponsors for the timeless education endeavouring experience in the selection process is the Hong Kong Space Museum,  Hong Kong Government- Leisure and Cultural Services Department, The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, Astronaut Center of China, JSLC  in which provided the training , transportations, accommodation for all participating students.

Given that you’re interesting for the 2018 selection for the Young Spaceman Experience Camp 2019, in be held on from 27th July to 4th of August 2019 … in which local Hong Kong schools can nominate two students with the forwarding documentations forwarding date before 31st May 2019 or hand in person to the Hong Kong Space museum.. In which they will be selected by interviewing process.. Whom have a key interest in inspiring interest in astronomy and space science, and deepen their understanding of China’s space industry and Chinese culture.

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